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- Emergency Release Dense Gas Model with Complex Terrain



SEVEX View is an advanced 3D complex terrain gas model. This state-of-art model is extraordinarily powerful, capable of providing realistic modeling of complex three dimensional emergency releases.


SEVEX View is the result of a cooperation of Lakes Environmental Software, ATM-Pro, the Walloon Region of Belgium, the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, the Université Catholique de Louvain, the Université de Liège, and SOLVAY.

SEVEX View is based on state-of-the-art modelling tools such as :

  • Leakage rate, jet, rainout, pool evaporation, heavy dispersion
  • Complex terrein - topography and land use
  • 3D meteorology & 3D passive dispersion,
  • [U/C]VCE & BLEVE
  • Explosives

SEVEX View is a trademark of ATM-Pro and Lakes Environmental Software.


The source term module (SEVEXSOURCE) includes calculation procedures for gaseous, liquid and two-phase flow rates; jet dispersion; aerosol vaporization; pool formation and evaporation, dense gas dispersion, unconfined vapor cloud explosion (UVCE) and fireball thermal radiation (BLEVE).

The meso-meteorological module is a 3-D numerical model that solves the simplified Navier-Stokes equations for wind flow in vorticity mode. Model takes into account topography and surface characteristics such as roughness length, heat, and radiation transfer between the surface and atmosphere.

The 3-D dispersion module is a Lagrangian dispersion model. It simulates passive transportation and dispersion of particles of toxics or irritants at a rate and state as defined by the source term module. The wind fields and turbulence characteristics are taken from the meso-met module.

  • Instantaneous
  • Catastrophic
  • Continuous
  • Transient

  • Gaseous, liquid,
  • two-phase flow
  • Jet dispersion
  • Rainout modeling
  • Aerosol vaporization
  • Pool formation and evaporation
  • Dense gas dispersion
  • 3D Lagrangian passive gas dispersion
  • 2D Gaussian dispersion available
  • Unconfined Vapor Cloud Explosion (UVCE)
  • Thermal/Mechanical BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion)

  • Liquid
  • Cryogenic
  • Compressed Gas
  • Saturated Vapor
  • Pressurized Liquid

SEVEX View considers terrain effects on atmospheric flows and gas dispersion.

You can visualize the topography in context with land use and wind fields.

Powerful 3D tools further improve visualization of your site. SEVEX View produces ready-to-use maps for emergency planning teams.

The SEVEX View outputs are compiled into a database of potential accident reports showing:

  • Realistic risk zone maps corresponding to defined thresholds
  • Accident-specific information including substance, effects, dangers to public, and met conditions
  • Instructions on behavior to adopt

In case of an emergency, the 'SEVEX Atlas' provides an immediate answer or anticipated decision about the behavior to adopt and the instructions to enforce in each danger zone.

  • Parameter: Description
  • Model Name: SEVEX (SEVeso EXpert system)
  • Release Types:
    • Instantaneous
    • Catastrophic (e.g. instantaneous tank rupture)
    • Continuous (e.g. breach in a vessel without any means to stop the leakage)
    • Transient (e.g. similar to continuous but leakage can be stopped (i.e. via a valve))
  • Source Term:
    • Gaseous
    • Liquid
    • 2-Phase Flow
    • Jet Dispersion
    • Aerosol Vaporization
    • Pool Formation and Evaporation
    • Dense Gas Dispersion
    • Gaussian Dispersion
    • Vapor Cloud Explosion
    • Fireball Thermal Radiation
  • BLEVE: SEVEX View can model a sudden release of a large mass of pressurized superheated liquid to the atmosphere (BLEVE)::
    • rapid vaporization of the liquid
    • expansion of the vapor out of the vessel
    • shock wave
    • ignition of the cloud
    • radiation effect of the fireball
  • Storage Conditions:
    • Liquid
    • Cryogenic
    • Saturated Vaporpressed Gas
    • Pressurized Liquid

Both UNIX/LINUX and Windows versions are available, making this unique model extremely versatile and able to run on your choice of today's hottest operating systems.

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