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SFEMP (Sniffers Fugitive Emission Management) is one of our self-developed software tools so we can clearly map your complete infrastructure. When performing our fugitive emission management program, the basic of the entire process is built upon the use of the SFEMP (Sniffers Fugitive Emission Management Program) software. SFEMP is a complete relational database designed to help all parties to manage data collection, administrating and report all fugitive emission management data.

Configuration & setup
The database and SFEMP software will be based on a customizable hierarchical structure of sites/units, drawings until the lowest level of a unique equipment code with additional equipment potential leak sources. It is compatible with different inventory and counting methods. SFEMP shall be fully customizable according to the applicable country protocol and its parameters. 

SFEMP has the ability to work with time dependent measurement campaigns, possibly defined in separate sub-projects and will keep track of measured concentrations, calculated emissions and tracebility related items like date of measurement, detection device used, operator, ... It has also the ability to calculate cumulative emission results through a calculation in time principle based on actual production facility working hours and measurement date registration. 

SFEMP has the possibility to make changes easily between different calculation methods and working methodologies with possible combined detection techniques like optical gas imaging. SFEMP can also calculate the fugitive emissions from the difficult to monitor/inaccessible and unsafe-to-monitor equipment/components through etrapolation fo the measured results. 

Repair information and follow up
SFEMP is able to keep track of following repair attempt related items of each repair attempt within or additional to any measurement campaigns:

  • repair suggestion for future repair attempts
  • repair attempt type
  • repair attempt number
  • ...

Reporting engine and output
SFEMP has the ability to create customized reports on inventory and measurement data and emission loss, financial loss and repair results. As well on 'input/setup' side, as on 'output' side. It has also the ability to implement additional data and third party information like there are pictures taken of leaking equipment, CAD drawings, ... The reporting engine will at least be able to create graphs, pie charts and tables on every possible parameter or a subset of data of the database.

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