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- Gear Shift Force/Feel Testing Package Software


Our gear shift force/feel testing package is a combination of software and hardware that provides comprehensive real-time data capture and analysis capability for use in the development and improvement of gear shift performance quality, particularly where transient effects are of primary interest. The system is capable of monitoring shift events against a time based sequence and stores the shift events automatically by shift type, presenting engineering data such as, cone force, peak force, friction coefficients and total event data during the shift event(s).

  • Improve vehicle driving experience
  • Automate out human-operator 'intuition'
  • True repeatability of shift action
  • Monitor real-time force required
  • Rapid feedback and analytics

  • For automotive Transmission Testing, individual gear shift data can be captured and analyzed.
  • Collected data includes 'in-shift' and 'during-shift“ high-speed data acquisition (both automatic and manual gearbox types)
  • Upgrade any CADET V14 software control system
  • Uses a Vehicle Robot or transmission robot to perform the gear change
  • Monitor real-time force required during a gear shift event
  • Analysis of gear shift quality
  • Analyze gearshift characteristics due to physical and environmental changes
  • Fast data logging for transient changing

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