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- Version CP128 I/O - Datalogging System Test Automation Software


Sierra's belief that precision data is the essential component of any system is the reason we develop and manufacture our own I/O datalogging systems. The dynamic and ever-changing requirements of Engine and Vehicle testing played a fundamental role in the development of our CP128. Unlike many systems available on the market today, we guarantee that all our measured data is time aligned when the log is requested and free from channel aliasing. And to ensure system longevity, our guarantee includes backward compatibility.

Working together as a hardware and software package, CP128 and our flagship CADET V14 Test Automation software have been designed to enable expansion of I/O capability through the simple addition of extra I/O cards.

The control cabinet is a conventional 19” rack-mount format fitted with relevant components but married with a custom desk and console arrangement to suit installation requirements.

  • Designed for engine & vehicle testing
  • Multi-channel integrated protection system
  • Data is time aligned when a log is requested
  • Data is free from channel aliasing
  • Backward compatibility guarantee

  • Designed for engine & vehicle testing
  • Future-proof by design with a clear upgrade path
  • Multi-channel integrated protection system
  • Speed monitoring and trip cards
  • Analog I/O & Digital I/O cards
  • 19' rack mount 
  • Optically isolated, V-F
  • On-card averaging; Time aligned data
  • 16/20 bit data acquisition
  • 32 bit DDC (Direct Digital Control)

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