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The purpose of site investigation is to compile an appropriate information base about a particular site. Data management embraces the whole range of activities involved in the handling of data gathered. The GeoEnviron Site Survey Manager has been designed to facilitate efficient and effective data management as well as interpretation, and decision making during site investigations.

The module can hold a wide range of data including details of:

  • Project events and notes
  • Survey reports and other text documents
  • Photographs (digital or scanned)
  • GIS or image based maps and site plans
  • Borehole logs and profile schematics
  • Soil, water, air and noise sample data

Powerful database querying facilities allow you to quickly locate and isolate the data you are interested in. Once located, the data can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel for charting or further manipulation.

The system's built in borehole profile generator allows you to easily create borehole logs with the simple click of a button.

The Survey Manager integrates seamlessly with MapInfo, GeoMap, or ArcView GIS, allowing you to easily visualize the location of boreholes, samples and contaminants while constructing your conceptual site model.

Using the GIS integration, detailed data on samples or boreholes can be viewed by simply double-clicking on the map at the location of the borehole or sample of interest. The relevant database module is opened up and the requested data displayed.

The map can also be queried via the database. Whenever boreholes or samples are retrieved in the database, they are automatically centered in the GIS, allowing you to quickly visualize their location.

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