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- Version RD - Integrates Rain Data Software Tool


SmartRain RD is a new tool that integrates rain data with level or flow data in the collection system. For users of the SmartCover® level monitor or the SmartFLOE flow monitor, rain data is acquired and presented in the user interface on a single display. This data integration capability provides an easy method to view and understand the relationship of level or flow changes as affected by rain. It is particularly useful for studying I&I, where SmartRain RD, merges these two essential data streams and seamlessly characterizes I&I sources within the collection system. 

Combined with the big data analytical tool SmartTrend®, SmartRain RD™ is the newest addition to the family of Smart Sewer® solutions from SmartCover® Systems providing real-time tools that are Turning Your Data into Decisions™. 
The mission of SmartRain RD™ is to:

  • Provide integrated rainfall and level/flow data in real-time
  • Create a Profile of the Sewershed
  • Identify I&I costly sources
  • Provide easy, rapid, low cost deployment

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