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- Version 2.0 - Single Chimney Emissions Analyzer

Smoke2.0 is a tool for engineering analysis of atmospheric diffusion, caused by the emission from single chimney (single point-source), on various of Windows system platforms. The model of this software is based on the formulas of Gauss and Holland, taking into account different environmental conditions of point-source emission. Smoke2.0 supports three equations for estimating lateral and vertical dispersion coefficients. By using this analyzer, it is possible to determine various useful engineering parameters, such as permitted maximum pollutant load, which can be emitted from the chimney; pollutant concentration to a certain distance away from the emitting point; minimal inner diameter and lowest height of the chimney. With the help of this tool, the user also can determine the size of a sanitary protection strip, related to air pollution.

● Engineers and environmental protection workers, engaged in the fields of civil construction, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, metallurgy and energy, can use Smoke2.0 software to simulate the pollution diffusion of single chimney emission, and test and demonstrate the efficiency of environmental pollution control technique, technology, dust removal and desulfurization equipment.

● The software can also be used in the teaching practice of air pollution prevention and environmental protection education in Colleges and universities.

‘Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling on Windows Platforms’, Asian Journal of Information Technology 3 (9): 805-813, 2004.

● Users of Smoke2.0 analyzer can easily calculate the pollution effects of single chimney emission (such as sulfur dioxide and suspended particles, etc.) on the atmospheric environment on flat ground.

● With the help of Smoke2.0 analyzer, users can easily obtain many useful engineering design parameters, such as the maximum allowable emission load of the chimney under given conditions; the pollution concentration on the ground at a certain distance in the downwind direction of the chimney; the height and inner diameter of the chimney to meet specific environmental requirements; and the efficiency of dust removal, desulfurization and other equipments.

● The calculation results of Smoke2.0 analyzer can be browsed, saved and printed directly in the forms of tables and images.