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Software for Constant-Head Test Analysis


AQTESOLV includes an advanced set of solution methods for the interpretation of data from constant-head tests in confined, leaky confined and fractured aquifers. Constant-head tests are alternately known as constant-drawdown tests. Analyze discharge from constant-head test. Analyze recovery data with exact solution for change in boundary condition.

Constant-Head (Constant-Drawdown) Analysis

AQTESOLV features solution methods for the analysis of constant-head tests. During a constant-head test, the water level in the test well is held constant while discharge declines through time. If the water level is lowered from static during the test, the term constant-drawdown test is applicable.

Recovery Analysis

Interpretation of recovery data obtained after a constant-head test requires special analytical techniques because of the change in boundary condition from constant head to constant rate (during recovery, the discharge is zero and the water level in the test well returns to static).

AQTESOLV features an exact method for analyzing these recovery tests. You may use residual drawdown plots (Figure 2) or the Agarwal method to analyze recovery data from a constant-head test.

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