SoundPLAN Nord ApS

- Cartography Module



This module offers an extended variety of tools for refining the layout of noise maps and extending the documentation. The layout of objects can be customized with user-defined hatch patterns and symbol fills. Cartography gives you the possibility to mount a noise map on top of a scanned bitmap. You can show multiple maps on a single sheet, and you can print the dB value on the noise contour lines. Tabular results for single point calculations can be added to a façade noise map and measured values can be imported and shown as a contour map.

Source and receiver name or object number can taken automatically to a sheet in Graphics and the emission reference levels for roads and railroads can be shown in colour scale. The Symbol Editor, which makes it possible to create your own symbols for the Graphics, and Photo Documentation which stores photos as objects in the GeoDatabase are facilities both hosted by Cartography. Finally Cartography includes linking between GeoDatabase and Google Earth and the possibility to introduce an overview map that shows which section the detailed map presents.

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