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SoundPLANessential 5.0 is the single document application for environmental noise planning of roads, railways and industrial facilities. Create noise contour maps in cities and open environment from basic 3D geometry and some traffic information or sound power data. It was conceived with the occasional user in mind who may not have in-depth knowledge of acoustics and want results in the smallest amount of time with the maximum amount of professionalism. It is a compact version of SoundPLAN, based on its calculation core and having its power, fast data processing and striking graphics. It is so easy to use, even engineers without special training for noise control will have no trouble using it. And, as it includes SoundPLAN's noise contour map capabilities, presentations are easy to create and easy to understand. SoundPLAN essential allows standard cases to be processed quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

SoundPLAN essential concentrates on the simulation of noise. It is best for smaller projects. This software has pre-formulated settings and templates so the occasional user can concentrate on the core.

SoundPLAN essential has combined a simplified, intuitive user interface with the full strength SoundPLAN calculation core. By sharing the file structure and the calculations with the industry leader, projects done with SoundPLAN essential can be processed further with the full version.

SoundPLAN essential is especially developed to quickly solve standard investigations and therefore does not need all the options of the full program. As it is a subset of the full version and shares some of the same components, the software has an excellent cost/performance ratio.

SoundPLAN essential is now available in the version 5.0 with a new noise source library. With this addition complex industrial noise modeling projects become easy.

SoundPLAN essential provides full performance for small to medium projects at a fraction of the price.

SoundPLAN essential displays all steps of an investigation with multiple tabs of the input/output.

SoundPLAN essential is now available with the additional module Building Acoustics outside to simulate the noise inside a building caused by outside sources.

  • Road, Railroads, Parking lots
  • Industrial point, line and area sources
  • Noise Protection Walls and Berms
  • Simulates the noise on top of continuously triangulated Digital Ground Model (DGM)

  • Model any size project
  • DXF and GIS import, or digitize on bitmaps
  • Easy presentation of scenario with or without a noise protection barrier
  • Calculations consider the Digital Ground Model
  • Local noise standards provided
  • Easy to use graphical data interface
  • Striking grid noise and contour maps

The emission level calculations and the results of the noise propagation are presented in tabular form in predefined tables. Additional text can be added for map descriptions and you can customize the layout for each object. Plus:

  • Tabular documentation of source properties
  • Documentation of source contribution levels
  • Level tables show the noise level for all floors and time slices
  • Limit contour lines option

The majority of environmental noise simulations are small to medium projects tasked with checking the legal compliance of a planned road or an expansion to an industrial facility. These projects do not require the same complexity as is being offered in the full strength noise planning software products such as SoundPLAN. Noise modeling software suited for these projects must be specially designed to quickly acquire the model data via an import interface or allow digitizing the essential data on top of an aerial photography or plan bitmap. Results must be obtainable quickly without much formatting, yet it must be customizable enough so your company standard can be represented and you can be proud of your work.

SoundPLAN essential is now available in the version 5.0, combining the full strength SoundPLAN calculation core with a simplified data entry editor to offer the noise modeling market a tool that can be learned in minutes yet powerful enough to allow engineers to do most of the noise modeling jobs. If your project is smaller with one industrial facility or some roads/railway lines, then SoundPLAN essential is better suited than a program designed to handle the complexity of noise mapping for an entire country. The data entry facilities are less complex but with the data import interfaces and 2D / 3D solid model viewing and the standard Dynamic Search SoundPLAN calculation core, the program offers enough flexibility and power to build a noise model quickly and get the results print ready in a snap. As the data structures are shared with the full program, the upgrade paths for data and also for the software itself are a possibility in case you do get the gigantic noise modeling job.

SoundPLAN essential 5.0 offers:

  • Road / railway /industrial calculations
  • Road standards: RLS 90/VBUS/TNM/NMPB/CoRTN Leq/CoRTN L10/   Russian road/
  • Railway Standards: Schall03/VBUSch/RMR 2002/CoRRN/French Rail/    Russian Rail
  • Industrial standards: ISO9613 / BS 5228
  • Import interface
  • Data entry on top of bitmaps
  • Continuously triangulated Digital Ground Model as elevation base for screening and ground effect calculations and for the placement of receivers in a Grid Noise Map.
  • Calculation of single receivers
  • Calculation of noise contours
  • Calculation of grid based noise maps
  • Direct management of 2 variants: without / with noise control
  • Full Documentation of the results in tabular form
  • Pre-defined graphics for Grid Noise Maps and Noise Contour calculations.

Improvements and features since SoundPLAN essential 4.1 include:

  • New dynamic search calculation core.
  • Use the noise standard of your choice instead of using 'country sets'.
  • Combine road, rail and industry projects instead of using just one noise type.
  • View spectra at the receiver in the documentation.
  • Improved export of noise maps and documentation to PDF.

Many small improvements are made to all areas of the program.

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SoundPLAN essential is the low-cost variant of SoundPLAN and is aimed at the occasional user who wants to create results in the fastest time. Therefore the program contains pre-formulated calculation settings and will generate the graphics and tabular output automatically. The full version is for the power user who wants to create multiple planning options in the same project and is structuring big projects into manageable units. SoundPLAN is fit to process small projects and huge country-wide noise mapping projects alike.

Data created with SoundPLAN essential can be further processed in the full version of SoundPLAN but data created by the full version can not be opened in SoundPLAN essential. SoundPLAN essential is a single document application and cannot cope with the structure of Situations and Geo Files as it is used in the full version of SoundPLAN.

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