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- StartKits Road / Railway / Industry Noise Packages



SoundPLAN is a modular design with few mandatory modules and many options. The Geo-Database, where the simulation models are prepared, is required no matter what the configuration of the rest of the license may be. To reduce costs, certain modules are compiled to form packages or 'kits'. The smallest usable package is the StartKit, which has three options,  StartKit Road, StartKit Rail and StartKit Industry.

StartKit Road:

  • Geo-Database with ASCII and DXF interface
  • Road noise data entry with entry provisions for roads, parking lots and bridges
  • Calculations for single receivers and Grid Noise Maps
  • Graphics to produce Grid Noise Maps
  • Documentation of results for a single calculation
  • Spreadsheet to work with results of multiple calculations

StartKits have the same configuration except the noise propagation module is Road, Rail or Industry.  Other modules can be added to a StartKit any time. For StartKit Rail, the maximum noise level calculation is included. For StartKit Industry, the industrial building is the highlight. This object allows the entry of noise levels inside the building and the transmission through walls and the propagation into the environment. Point, line and area sources with single frequency, octave bands and third octave bands are also part of the kit.

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