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Individuals in premises, rooms or buildings can be notified by Speaker Alert. The Speaker Alert devices are intelligent speakers that communicate with RapidReach using mobile data networks and Wi-Fi. When a message is sent, it can play a notification sound through the speaker before playing the message. The speakers are very easy to install. They can be portable or fixed to a wall. There is no need to install cabling to connect the speakers to amplifiers or other audio systems. The only cable necessary is the power cable and without power the speaker is able to operate for 24 hours.


Speaker Alert informs people in one place in just a few seconds. Communication is via mobile data networks or WIFI.

Messages are transmitted to the speaker in an encrypted and secure way with TLS. Messages cannot be intercepted.
How does it work?

The speaker is ready to use out of the box. The device is registered in a RapidReach account and after that it ready to be used. Installation is simple. The only connection is the power cable. If Wi-Fi is to be used, these Wi-Fi network settings can be registered in RapidReach.

The message transmitted from RapidReach is played in the speaker with the volume specified. Sound volume can be specified for the entire system, for specific alarms or individually for each speaker.

During power interruptions, the speakers will work for 24 hours, without power supply, assuming that either cellular networks or Wi-Fi can be used.

Through RapidReach, the speakers can be monitored to ensure that messages are delivered to individual speakers.

Where to use it

Speaker Alert can be used in a variety of situations:

  • Building evacuation – controlled evacuation during a terrorist incident
  • Site evacuation – communicate with all areas of a site
  • Alert a localised area to a specific danger, for example, airborne contamination
  • Muster point communication
  • Lone workers or remote working teams


  • Public areas
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Office buildings
  • Museums
  • Construction sites

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