CIC Photonics

Spectra Stream



To provide high sensitivity detection of impurities (low ppb). To reduce the time response typically associated with FTIR (from minutes to seconds). To reduce the effects of spectrometer drift.

  • W = Sampling Window Size (# sampling scans)
  • b = Number of Backgrounds per sampling window

  • Bomem MB100
  • DTGS Detector (0.4 cm/sec)
  • 2 cm-1 instrument resolution
  • Time Resolution 11 sec. per sample + background
  • CIC Ranger Gas Cell (1.7 liters / 9.6 meters)
  • Flow Rate 1slpm

  • Early Detection of changes in impurity concentrations (seconds)
  • Real Time monitoring of process gases
  • Reduction of the interfering effects of spectrometer drift
  • Assures reliable and controlled etching of semiconductors wafers

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