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- Version GWD - Groundwater Desktop for Visualizing Groundwater Models


Groundwater Desktop (GWD) is a fully 3D interface for visualizing groundwater models and their results. While GWD is flexible and might be used to visualize any model, development to-date has focused on MODFLOW, MODPATH, and MT3D, including the latest unstructured grid capabilities within MODFLOW-USG. GWD enables users to view the model numerical grid, input data such as properties and boundary conditions, and output data including heads, concentration, and pathlines. Models can be examined using cross-sectional, cut-away, and layer 'exploded' views.

  • Used as an Addin with Groundwater Vistas or as a standalone software product, GWD is a powerful tool for visualizing and evaluating groundwater models together with environmental data such as water levels and chemistry
  • Share your visualization files with colleagues and clients using a freely-available, restricted-capability version of the same program as a free 3D viewer
  • Export report-quality high resolution images for presentations, reports, and graphics
  • Create high resolution animations in AVI format
  • Capabilities can be customized to meet project-specific needs
  • GWD is a tool created by a groundwater modeler for groundwater modelers
  • Technical support is available directly from the developer
  • Groundwater Desktop Web Page - more information, downloads, forums, support, purchase

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