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Without the right information, huge amounts of money can be spent in the wrong place. Eliminate potential waste and meet requirements mandated at state, local, and federal levels. Ask us how.

Named after the small plates that make up turtle shells, our Scute™ sensors are economic solution that track conditions within your stormwater system in real-time. Features include:
  • Ultrasonic depth sensor
  • Ultrasonic doppler velocity sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • IsWet meter to save battery power during dry conditions
  • Wireless data transmission every 5 minutes via machineQ’s LoRa network
Scute™ sensors send data to StormSensor’s cloud-based Terrapin™ dashboard every 5 minutes so you always know how your system is performing. Terrapin™ features include:
  • Map and time-series data views
  • Correlated real-time weather data
  • Real-time alerts for flow events affecting your system
  • Real-time tracking of battery life and connectivity
  • Unlimited logins: make sharing easy by providing administrative or read-only access to an unlimited number of partners
StormSensor Network Packages
Our system is a streamlined, comprehensive approach to monitor stormwater. Each plate on a turtle’s shell is called a “scute,”  and they all come together to form a protective layer. No turtle could be covered by just one scute, and no city is effectively monitored with just one sensor. This is the inspiration behind our Scute Sensors™ and Terrapin™ network.
  • Designed and priced to be deployed in networks
  • Access data and insights through the Terrapin™ dashboard 24/7
  • All-in-one, fully scalable solution
  • Easy to deploy
Package Pricing

No endless catalogs. No need for middlemen. Just specify the size of your project, and StormSensor has you covered. Every network package includes:

  • Scute Sensors™
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Telemetry + Datalogger
  • Network Gateway(s)
  • Cloud-based Terrapin™ software
  • Ongoing I.T. Support

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