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MSI has recently developed a software package titled StormView. This software uses NEXRAD digital data and surface precipitation to calculate the magnitude and spatial coverage of a precipitation event. The National Weather Service has developed mathematical relationships between rainfall rates and the strength of radar returns for several types of precipitation scenarios. StormView makes adjustments to these equations based on known precipitation measurements during each storm event. Using this adjusted equation and high resolution NEXRAD radar data, StormView produces a calibrated isoheytal (contours of constant precipitation) storm map over the area of interest. After wind and precipitation fall-rate and distance corrections are made, precipitation estimates at any coordinates can be extracted.



In essence, the software is equivalent to a virtual rain gauge. Precipitation estimates extracted from the developed isoheytal maps can be used to estimate precipitation frequency (return periods). Precipitation frequency data provides information on how often a storm of a specific magnitude and over a specific time period can be expected to occur (return period).

  • Rainfall rate estimates
  • Storm return periods
  • Precipitation verification
  • Storm precipitation totals estimates


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