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StreetManager is DesertMicro's vehicle analysis and route planning program. The visual mapping integrates directly into RouteManager for optimization of any route and for maximum density. StreetManager also identifies the best route or truck to respond to a service request, and the analysis tool finds the best location for the load to be delivered. The easy-to-use interface enables rapid comparisons of route planning and off-load locations.

Calculate Route Paths

StreetManager, allows you to calculate the shortest path between multiple service locations on a street network taking into account variables such as, the time of day, road types, and one way streets. The travel times and distances are calculated to determine arrival time. This provides the ideal tool for dispatching vehicles. Commercial or residential routes are also easily managed and audited by simplifying and rerouting.

Route Optimization
StreetManager can calculate the most efficient means of servicing a list of addresses. The order of stops, travel times and distances together, and turn-by-turn instructions are automatically produced. Increase stops per route and decrease drive time without a full route audit.

Service Area Analysis
StreetManager displays a service area with all stops and routes covering that area.   This quickly identifies best service days for an area and any routes that cross unintentionally. The route optimizer can reroute and choose best service day while balancing truck capability and service time windows. More stops per truck save money by utilizing fewer trucks.

Changing Routes\

StreetManager allows for sudden route changes to accommodate last minute requests. Splitting or combining routes for temporary driver shortages are optimized in minutes. Overdue route audits are now quick and easy.

  • Finds the best route or truck for new stops
  • Reduces time and mileage taken to complete routes
  • Improves efficiency by allowing for easy route audits
  • Automates the route selection and route sequence process
  • Allows left/right side scheduling for each route stop
  • Provides turn-by-turn directions on every route
  • Improves overall service availability, and service time planning
  • Allows for route density analysis and balancing
  • Drag and drop screen eliminates the need for wall maps

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