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Suitable Water Leak Pinpointing Tool


The rough location of the leaks to be located and repaired are unknown. But there is a higher sense of urgency, either because a customer has called in to report the leak or because there has been a sudden surge in night flow in a specific zone. Repair time is critical to protect the integrity of the pipe and road infrastructure. The measurements have to be done on site with the goal to have the results immediately in order to take swift repair action.

ZONESCAN 820 and MULTISCAN correlating sensors in combination with their Android based tablet and smartphone apps are very easy to use and rich in functionality. Offline maps of the area can be used to facilitate a map-based leak detection process where the operator drags and drops sensors on the map to their exact location to get accurate results and have easy orientation about the locations of the leaks. The sensors are programmed, deployed for measurement and subsequently collected again for the data read-out. The results are immediately shown on the map, including correlated leak positions.

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