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- Full Featured Wastewater Process Simulation Software

Open source, fast and affordable. Best support in industry. Please download the technical information on this site and the software itself from dynamita.com/sumo19. The software will run in demo mode automatically. There is no plant in the world that cannot be designed or simulated with Sumo19.
We provide training on location or check dynamita.com/news for upcoming sessions around the world. 
SUMO19 full featured Wastewater Process Simulator. Modern design. 

  • Modern design no more navigating endless drop-down menus
  • Open model soure ode!
  • Fast runs
  • omplete model library alibrated by industry leaders
  • Virtually unlimited plant onfigurations

For a Cleaner Environment!

Sumo© from Dynamita is the newest and most versatile dynamic simulation package on the market. After the influent measurements and plant configuration are entered, Sumo knows what kind of effluent quality will result, even daily peaks or during storms, and the user can try many operational or control scenarios in a short time. Sumo has advanced high rate, sidestream (anammox) and sulfur modelling (ORP, EPS, colloids). Sumo can handle treatment plants of unlimited complexity, BOD, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, digestion, sidestream treatment, IFAS and MBBR, SBRs, trickling filters, granular sludge, membrane bioreactors, primary and final settling, thickeners, centrifuges and all process units typically used in municipal and industrial treatment plants. It comes with many real-life examples and a detailed manual to help the introduction of advanced modelling for new users. Sumo is already used worldwide in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia by design engineers, municipalities and plant personnel, as well as in universities. Its main advantages are its open process source code, very fast simulation times, extensive model set and affordable pricing. The international team behind Sumo is well known for its outstanding support which is included in the license.

Sumo speaks English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and more languages are added continuously. Dynamita and its representatives are present in France, Canada, Austria, Hungary, South Korea, Japan and China.

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