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Open source, fast and affordable. Best support in industry. Please download the technical information on this site and the software itself from dynamita.com/sumo19. The software will run in demo mode automatically. There is no plant in the world that cannot be designed or simulated with Sumo19. We provide training on location or check dynamita.com/news for upcoming sessions around the world. SUMO19 full featured Wastewater Process Simulator. Modern design.

The Sumo© full featured Wastewater Process Simulator
  • Controllers tightly integrated in base package and included in base price
  • Most advanced models in industry
  • Modern design – tons of user friendly features
  • Open model source code! Nothing hidden
  • Fast runs, get results quickly
  • Outstanding support from worldwide network

Sumo© from Dynamita is the newest and most versatile dynamic simulation package on the market. After the influent measurements and plant configuration are entered, Sumo knows what kind of effluent quality will result, even daily peaks or during storms, and the user can try many operational or control scenarios in a short time. Sumo has advanced high rate, sidestream (anammox) and sulfur modelling (ORP, EPS, colloids). Sumo can handle treatment plants of unlimited complexity, BOD, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, digestion, sidestream treatment, IFAS and MBBR, SBRs, trickling filters, granular sludge, membrane bioreactors, primary and final settling, thickeners, centrifuges and all process units typically used in municipal and industrial treatment plants. It comes with many real-life examples and a detailed manual to help the introduction of advanced modelling for new users. Sumo is already used worldwide in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia by design engineers, municipalities and plant personnel, as well as in universities. Its main advantages are its open process source code, very fast simulation times, extensive model set and affordable pricing. The international team behind Sumo is well known for its outstanding support which is included in the license.

Sumo speaks English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and more languages are added continuously. Dynamita and its representatives are present in France, Canada, Austria, Hungary, South Korea, Japan and China.

The new Sumo191 comes with controllers at no extra cost. It has brand new calibrated models: carbon capture, extended bio-P (PAO-GAO) and sulfur/iron/alum biokinetic and chemical interactions models, EPS, ORP, new equipment specific aeration models, trickling filters and sand filter. Aerobic granular sludge and MABR. Fast Never-To-Fail© steady-state solver, easy scenario handling, and a ton of other new features.

  • Most extensive calibrated model library for traditional and advanced wastewater resource recovery processes
  • Supported by the largest2 wastewater simulation company round the clock
  • Sumo is the only open process source commercial simulator2 (coded in Excel tabular format in SumoSlang™)
  • Virtually unlimited activated sludge/anaerobic digester/sidestream treatment configurations available3
  • Integrated steady-state and dynamic simulations, 2-way link to Excel or other programs, popups, sticky notes, undo(!), Book of SumoSlang, extended Manual, software in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish.
  • Only simulator that allows complete flexibility to build your own models or modify any models in Sumo
  • Fast! Very fast! Ask for more details: www.dynamita.com or info@dynamita.com

Biokinetic/chemical models

  • Sumo models (Dynamita in-house researched/developed)
    • Sludge production and oxygen uptake
    • One step nitrification/denitrification
    • Two step nitrification/denitrification, anammox
    • High-rate process, flocculation
    • Bio-P for all configurations
    • Fermentation, anaerobic digestion
    • Sulfur oxidation/reduction/precipitation
    • Chemical P removal (iron/alum)
    • Struvite and other precipitates, nutrient recovery
    • Greenhouse gases
    • Methanol dosing
    • Aeration
    • pH, alkalinity
    • Gas transfer, stripping
    • Controllers (DO, SRT, timer, on-off, ratio, PID)
  • Museum models
    • ASM1
    • ASM2d (original or with TUD bio-P)
    • ASM3 (w/wo bio-P)
    • Barker-Dold
    • ADM1
  • Other models
    • UCTPHO+ (UCT)
  • Your own models
    • Model editor/automated mass balance check
    • Dedicated process engineering/research support
    • SumoSlang – built-in intuitive simulation language for any dynamic or algebraic model

Process units/configurations

Easy, flexible influent specification

  • Reactors
    • All types of activated sludge reactors (CSTRs, PFRs, oxidation ditches, SBRs, etc.)
    • Fermenters
    • Anaerobic digesters
    • Sidestream reactors
    • MBBR, IFAS, TF, Mobile Carrier
    • Aerobic Granular Sludge
    • MABR, MBR
  • Phase separators
    • Primary, secondary settlers,
    • Thickeners, centrifuges, cyclone, dewatering, filters, etc.
  • Other units
    • Thermal hydrolysis process
    • DO, MLSS, SRT, pH, ORP control
  • Flow control elements
    • Pumps, bypass weirs, channels
    • Flow combiners/dividers
  • Configurations
    • Unlimited complexity (largest plants in the world have been modelled)
    • Typical example plants (MLE, UCT, SBRs, AS+Digester, whole plant with sidestream treatment, etc.) provided with software
    • Main stream deammonification
    • AB process
    • Thermal hydrolysis + digestion
    • and many others

Strong points

  • Easiest software to get up to speed with
    • GUI Windows 7, 8.x, 10 based (compiled models are platform independent).
    • Runs on Mac within Parallels or Windows
    • Unique, user friendly task-flow based software design, undo, Excel report
    • Expert support in process software
    • Training courses, technology transfer
    • Sumo team co-authored books (WERF Influent Characterization Manual, Good Modelling Practice Guidelines, various MOPs)
    • Industry standard layered settling model for all types of settlers, clarifiers, thickeners with compression
    • Open API connection to 3rd party apps Excel toolkit complementing Sumo (included)
    • Dynamita Influent Tool
    • Dynamita High F/M Tool (Autotrophic growth rate evaluator)
    • Dynamita OUR tool
    • Dynamita Influent Active Biomass Tool
    • Dynamita DSRT Tool (Do you know your sludge age?)
    • Dynamita KLa Tool
  • Offices
    • Western Europe (France, Austria)
    • North America (Canada)
    • Eastern Europe (Hungary)
  • Representatives
    • Korea, Japan, China, Spain, Indonesia

Municipalities: DCWater, Washington DC, USA; Hampton Road Sanitation District, Norfolk, USA, Clean Water Services, Portland, USA, City of Meridian, Idaho, USA; City of Boulder, USA; First Utility District of Knox County, USA; Great Lake Water Authority, USA; Trinity River Authority, USA; City of Kunming, China, WaterCare, Auckland, New Zealand

Consultants: CH2M, USA; AECOM, USA; ARAconsult, Austria; UTB, Hungary; Friedrichbüro, Germany; EnviTreat, USA; Ramboll, Finland; InnoWater, Hungary; Black and Veatch, USA; HDR, USA; Stantec, USA; Brown and Caldwell, USA; RF Wastewater, USA; SUEZ (CESMAE), France; Atkins, USA; Carollo, USA; Hazen and Sawyer, USA; Trojan Technologies, USA; AquaConsult Baltic, USA; InCTRL, Canada; BioPolus, Hungary; Veolia USA; R.M. Towill, USA; OptVantage, New Zealand; Headworks International, USA, Volkert & Associates, Inc. USA; HKF Technology, USA, SWECO Nederland B.V., The Netherlands; HEPS Co., Korea; Kinnear Engineering, USA; Holinger, Switzerland, BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA, Switzerland; Hunziker Betatech, Switzerland, Jiacheng Environmental Protection&Engineering, China

Universities: VirginiaTech, University of Michigan, Aalto, INSA University of Colorado, TUD (Delft), EAWAG/ETHZ, Università Degli Studenti Firenze, University of Antwerpen, University of Tartu, Technishe Universität Darmstadt, Northeastern University, University of Kansas, INRA, University of Queensland, University of California, Rice University, Universitat de Girona, LIST Luxembourg, University of Washington, Northwestern University, Federal University of Ceara, Lappeenranta University of Technology, BOKU Wien and others outside these categories such as CAMBI, Norway; UNESCO, Paris; World Water Works, USA; Tanuki Software, Japan; Kurita Water, Japan

(partial client list, 2019)

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