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Sun Clock is a program for Windows to show the local time around the world and the areas of the globe which are in night or day. Sun Clock 7 is available in three editions:

  • A free edition
  • A single-user personal edition
  • A corporate customized edition

The free version of Sun Clock runs as the full single-user personal edition for the first 30 days after which, if you have not purchased a licence, the features exclusive to the licensed edition become unavailable.
The single-user personal edition

If you purchase the single-user personal edition the Map Maker banner and logo beneath the map is replaced with astronomical information, such as the time of sun and moon rise and set. The single-user personal edition of Sun Clock 7 also includes:

  • A sky view that shows the day and night sky from your chosen location. The sky view shows the sun's path, the constellations, and more.
  • The option to choose a 'wall display' mode which, like the screen saver, occupies the entire screen including the task bar area making it suitable for use as wall clock.
  • The option to use the world map, with or without the clouds layer, as your desktop, updated every minute.
  • A clock page with a large analogue clock face showing your local time plus a listing of local times at your other chosen locations.
  • The sky-view and the clock page can be used as screen savers as well as the world map.

A licence for the single-user personal edition costs 25 UK pounds (plus VAT). The free edition of Sun Clock, when first installed, will run for 30 days in demo mode with the full functionality of the licensed personal edition.

System requirementsSun Clock 7 is designed for Microsoft Windows (XP and above - Windows 7 is recommended). Sun Clock will function with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Sun Clock 7 has been designed for high-definition screens (1920 x 1080 pixels) though it will also run happily on lower definition displays. No internet connection is required to run the program. The program and its data occupy approximately 140Mb.

In all editions of Sun Clock 7:

  • The surface of the world is represented using satellite imagery from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre enhanced with 3D terrain data to give a colourful portrayal of the physical geography of the planet. The image has been enhanced to change subtly throughout the year reflecting the seasonal advance and retreat of ice caps, snow cover.
  • The moving shadow covers the area on the globe where the sun is below the horizon. Where neither the sun nor the moon can be seen, the shadow is darker still.
  • As an area becomes covered by the night-time shadow, town and city lights are turned on. Their brightness is in proportion to the population size.
  • You can overlay the maps with an image of global cloud cover. The clouds layer makes use of public domain satellite photographs. The images are updated approximately every three hours. However, the cloud layer is dependent on NASA, The University of Dundee, and XPlanet, so the quality and the continuing availability of the service is beyond our control.
  • You can place boxes on the map to display the local time continuously at your chosen locations. The boxes are white before noon, after noon they are yellow. As the cursor is moved across the land areas of the map the local time is displayed.
  • You can choose the named locations that display on the map from a database of more than 7000 cities, or enter your own additional locations.
  • You can choose to display the different time zones in bands of colour.
  • The current phase of the moon is displayed in the centre of the analogue clock.
  • You can translate Sun Clock into languages other than English.
  • The Sun Clock world map can be used as your screen-saver.
  • If your computer is using multiple monitors you can specify which monitor to display Sun Clock on.

Sun Clock 7 is available to corporate clients as a branded version or as a bespoke customization.
Branded versionBranded versions of Sun Clock can be used as:

  • Wall clocks in reception areas and board rooms,
  • Gifts for clients, including give-aways at conferences and trade shows,
  • In-house corporate screen-savers, desaktops, and conference call planners.

Branded version - option 1

The branded version is like the world map page of the single-user personal edition but the lower-centre area beneath the world map is occupied by the client's title panel, typically displaying a corporate logo and any kind of strap-line that the client wishes to include. The background colour used in the title panel then becomes the background colour used in the rest of Sun Clock in order to enhance the corporate look and feel. When the user clicks on the title panel they can be directed to the client's web site.

Branded version - option 2

As an alternative, where you are more interested in the world map than in displaying a large corporate logo, the Sun Clock can be configured so that the world map almost fills a wide-format screen. The remaining narrow strip at the bottom can be in a corporate colour and can display a shallow logo and strap-line, as well as the digital time and the date at your location. Where you intend to use Sun Clock as a wall display, option 2 can be a good option.

Branded version - option 3

A third alternative is a 'white' display where the snow and ice of the Arctic and Antarctic bleed off the edge of the image. The white display can be particularly effective when used with the clouds layer. During the northern summer the lower edge, over the Antarctic, is permanently in shadow, creating a gray background. In the northern winter the shadow is reversed and the bottom edge is white, as in the illustration. To use this option you need a logo image that can work equally well on either a white or gray background.

The personal edition of Sun Clock comes preloaded with a set of locations to display on the world map. In the branded versions the client can specify this default set of locations, typically showing the locations of the company's principal offices around the globe.

All you need to do

In order to prepare your branded Corporate Sun Clock we will need:

  1. A bitmap containing the title panel. This file contains your logo, name, slogan or other image you wish to display. A good size for the bitmap is 1150 x 335 pixels. The bitmap does not have to be exactly this size, but it should be in approximately these proportions. The file should be supplied as a BMP or JPG file. The background colour of the title panel will be used as the background colour for the whole Sun Clock.
  2. The above title panel is optimized for a wide-format screen. If you are likely to also be displaying the Sun Clock on regular non-wide-screen displays then you should also provide a second bitmap approximately 560 x 325 pixels.
  3. If you wish users clicking on the title panel to be taken to a web page, we will need the relevant URL.
  4. You are welcome to use the default set of cities that comes with Sun Clock. If you prefer to select your own locations for the initial display, we will need a list of these, preferably with their latitudes and longitudes.

The completed customized program will be bundled as a self-extracting zipped file which you can put on your web site for your clients to download or you may prefer to distribute the program on CD or a USB device.

A licence for a branded corporate Sun Clock entitles you to distribute the program freely to clients and staff for their personal use and to use it as you like on your premises. It may not be resold. Note that if your clients want to display the Sun Clock in reception lobbies, board rooms and the like then they would need their own corporate licence from us. There is a one-off cost of 1,500 UK pounds (plus VAT in the E.U.).

Bespoke customizationsSome clients wish to add features other than those provided in the branded version. We can customize Sun Clock to meet a wide variety of needs.

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