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HAUK & SASKO Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Supports all Supply Chain Business Processes



MBS Supply Chain Solutions module provides an IT tool for the business processes of trading, marketing and logistics companies. The areas of activity which this system supports include:

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Logistics: vessel, barge, train, truck, pipeline, conveyor
  • Inventory control
  • Qualitative reviews/Analytics
  • Contract settlement for commodities/freight/associated costs
  • Audits and business reviews
  • Data integration with trading systems
  • Data integration with SAP or similar ERP/accounting applications
  • E-Business applications (with material suppliers, hauliers etc.)

MBS supports a fully automated delivery management for incoming and outgoing materials such as biomass, ash, FGD gypsum, limestone or ammonia. The vehicle driver operates the weighbridge and loading station himself using only self-service terminals which also produce the receipts and paperwork. The solution is fully integrated with ERP/accounting systems for straight-through invoicing processes.

HAUK and SASKO provides turnkey solutions for you.

  •     Logistics software for incoming or outgoing deliveries for a wide range of materials
  •     Self-service terminals for lorry drivers including code card dispensers and printers
  •     Access control systems (RFID cards, bar code or magnetic cards)
  •     Gate control systems for road vehicles
  •     Integration of trade approved weighbridges
  •     On site traffic control and guidance
  •     Material access controls and integration of silo dosimeters
  •     Quality sampling solutions
  •     Full integration with existing accounting and invoicing software solutions

Driver-operated loading/unloading processing

MBS uses planning and scheduling data to identify road vehicles at the power station gate. The driver registers an arrival weight of the vehicle at a trade approved weighbridge with a self-service terminal. The system guides the driver to the loading dock or silo which also operates as a self-service facility. At the terminal for the weighbridge the driver receives the final weight notice and all necessary paperwork before leaving the power plant.The MBS solution for delivery and shipping automation captures incoming and outgoing materials electronically. The system integrates with commercial IT solutions in order to realize a fully automated system from planning to settlement.

Take advantage of the following benefits

  •     Fully integrated solution without any redundant data
  •     Improved transparency in operation
  •     Cost effective and highly automated
  •     Combines planning data with actual data
  •     Includes all paperwork for individual materials
  •     Fully integrated IT environment
  •     No redundant master data
  •     Timely data transfer from operations to accounting

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