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The base module (SurveyCAD) is the basis for all other modules of the BBSoft® civil engineering software. It takes over the complete project control (measuring data, drawings and texts) and arranges a smooth teamwork of the different program parts.

The major tasks are:

  • processing of the survey data (without point transformations)
  • print of point lists / pegging lists
  • creation of cadastre plans
  • supply of digitizing tools (buildings, conduits, embankment hatch patterns and dimensioning)
  • supply of design basics with switchable map scales, line types, hatch patterns and automatic inscriptions
  • administration of the civil engineering-compliant symbols with a comfortable block manager
  • automatic area division and area calculation
  • functional layer management (independently of drawing)
  • transformation (Helmert, Affin, ETRS/UTM)
  • the definition of map frames

The import and finish of area data as well as measuring point transformations are furthermore enabled via the field book interface.

The following substantial device manufacturer will be supported:

  • Trimble
  • Leica
  • Topcon
  • Sokkia
  • Geodimeter
  • Husky-Hunter
  • Wild
  • Zeiss
  • REC500

The direct data exchange between record device and PC is possible. The program applies route mappings (building edges, conduits, embankment edges and breaking edges) independently, according to the quality of the recording. The civil engineering software provides necessary measuring point conversions and the following mapping from 2D- or 3D-points. An automatic embankment hatch pattern and area filling facilitate and accelerate the compilation of cadastre plans. Map frames can be compiled in standard dimensions or free dimensions in the desired plot measurement. Drawing objects, which are projecting over the map frame, are faded out.

  •     Designed Individually Site Plan,
  •     Digitize As-Build Map,
  •     Measure 2d And 3d Distances,
  •     Determine Areas.

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