Sustainability Data Management & Reporting Software



Leverage powerful automation tools to easily capture sustainability data across your organization and transform it into a single system of record. This new level of insight will enable you to report with confidence, and meet the diverse needs of internal and external stakeholders.

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  • Cost-effective and rapidly deployed EDI tools to automate data capture.
  • Flexible hierarchy management to support large, complex organizations.
  • Flexibility to support over 400 data types.
  • Global coverage with multimeric, currency and emission engine.
  • Intelligent and interactive dashboards to deliver tailored insights to stakeholders.
  • Extensive audit and assurance tools with track-to-source capability.

  • Reduce the time and cost to capture, analyze and report sustainability data.
  • Deliver timely, financial-grade business and compliance reporting.
  • Inform decision-making to identify opportunities for operational efficiencies and savings.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of sustainability assurance.
  • Ensure accountability for data provision and accuracy.

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