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Sustainability Management Suite


This suite of modules will help you to measure, monitor, manage and report all aspects of your organisation’s sustainability using a recognised management system methodology. This system is fully compliant with standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 9001. This suite helps you to review your organisation's environmental performance; monitor, manage and report on all aspects of your organisation's sustainability using a management system approach, audit your performance and train your staff.

  • Reduce costs and resource use - identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Save time - administrative burden reduced, quick and easy to report your data.
  • Simple and easy to manage sustainability - time-consuming data management is removed, allowing focusing on results and analysis.
  • Gain competitive edge.
  • Improve your organisation's image.
  • Functional with all sizes of organisation.
  • Engage staff in all environmental initiatives.

  • Data Module enables input and analysis of all environmental data.
  • Procedures Module keeps all documents safely in one place.
  • Risk Module enables fast determination of most significant environmental aspects.
  • Audit Module contains a complete audit schedule and all forms needed.
  • Review + CSR Module allows quick evaluation of environmental performance.
  • E-Learning Module included for staff training.
  • Supply chain Module enables you to monitor and report on your supply chain too.

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