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Testing, Upgrading and Simulation Software Tool for Urban and Industrial WasteWater Treatments Plants. With reference to a more than ten-years operative training and testing of the previous version SWater Pro, the well known MultiFunctional Testing & Upgrading Software Tool for Urban WasteWater Treatments Plants (WWTPs), SWater Mix 2010 comes to integrate wild needs of Industrial WWTPs process design and simulation. SWATER Mix lets you check the 'compatibility' of the industrial and special wastewater with the treatment process which will be submitted.

  • Multi-User Software Licence on CD support
  • User’s Manual in electronic format .pdf and/or on paper
  • Analytical Procedures in electronic format .pdf and/or on paper

Main SWATER Mix target applications are:

  • Urban-industrial compliant mixed wastewater, exclusively delivered by sewage;
  • Industrial wastewater (not urban compliant), exclusively delivered by trucks;
  • Mix of above mentioned wastewater contributions, both delivered (by sewage and trucks).

SWater Mix 2010 is also able to detect and calculate residual rate of depuration capability coming from each of scheduled (physic-chemical and biological) water/sludge treatments’ stages. One of SWater Mix peculiarity is the ability of its algorithms to allow a bidirectional “design and verification” functionality approach in process performances simulation, but a mix/simultaneous use of their too.

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