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From hospital-affiliated occupational medicine programs to freestanding practices to urgent care clinics, SYSTOC helps occupational medicine providers keep detailed patient medical records in real time and bill for services quickly and accurately. The end result? When patients walk out the door, the bulk of the provider’s documentation work is finished.

SYSTOC gives occupational medicine clinics and providers real-time access to patient visit information. From start to finish, SYSTOC’s EMR software is company-centric – ranging from treatment protocols to documentation forms to billing practices.

In an occupational medicine clinic, the patient encounter and the detail it requires usually exceeds the normal scope of any traditional patient electronic medical record. Occupational medicine professionals need a solution that allows them to capture information related to the patient’s employment. SYSTOC is the industry’s leading EMR software for occupational medicine clinics, because it is specifically designed for occupational medicine clinics and internal employee health programs.

Each time a patient is seen for a work-related injury or illness, the visit must be documented and a case created. Whether a patient has one encounter or many encounters, SYSTOC gives occupational medicine professionals flexibility to document the patient visit and ongoing treatment, creating a holistic view of the patient’s occupational medicine record.

More than 443 healthcare organizations distributed throughout 800+ locations depend on the SYSTOC EMR software, including many long-time clients. Over 50% have been using SYSTOC for more than a decade.

The tools UL EHS Sustainability provide for optimizing the occupational medicine management programs are only a small part of what the SYSTOC EMR software offers. Organizations can also rely on UL WHS’ guidance and expertise to configure the medical records software to your unique business, optimize your workflows, and provide continuous support for your system.

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