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- Version Rev:2.5 - Software for Series 2600 Systems


Tekran has been completely rewritten the Tekran Mercury Data System (Tek-MDS) for the Series 2600 Mercury Analysis System. The new application is faster, more reliable and offers a wide range of new capabilities. It supports our new Model 2621 as well as the older Model 2620 auto sampler.

  • Auto-Flush: If you encounter an unexpectedly high sample that could result in carryover, the system will automatically suspend sample analysis, perform exactly as many cleaning/flushing cycles as needed to eliminate residual contamination, and then resume processing your batch.
  • Lamp Hardware Wizard makes lamp changes and lamp optimizations a snap. On-screen directions guide you through the entire process. No voltmeters or other test equipment required!
  • Easy to use templates let you set up your blanks and standards in just a few clicks
  • Autosampler location auto-fill feature saves time and typing
  • Multi-level undo and redo in case you make a mistake in your worksheet
  • Worksheet-Save history keeps multiple previous backup versions of your worksheet
  • One-click to copy current worksheet data into Excel. (This is optional; not required for final reporting)
  • Improved charting/graphics for peak charts and calibration curves
  • Real-time pass/fail analysis of standards and QC samples allows out of control runs to terminate immediately
  • Allows data storage on network drives

  • Allows addition/deletion of new samples to your run at any time
  • Supports all Model 2600 versions
  • Support for the existing Model 2620 auto-sampler as well as the new Model 2621
  • Up-to-date Windows look and feel including new icons, toolbars, window docking and more
  • Full support for EPA Method 1631 calibration is built-in and operates automatically
  • Enhanced worksheet Run/Stop/Continue functions
  • Improved worksheet cell formatting including font properties, cell background colors, and lines
  • New Event Table Editor can show ETF events and durations as a visual timing diagram
  • Supports any Com Port number (Easier to change from the default COM2 setting)
  • Long filenames, and Windows Common Dialogs

The new software works with all existing Series 2600 systems. The program has modest computer requirements, meaning that, if your existing PC can run Window-XP, it will be able to run Tek MDS 2.5. Disk space may be used up more quickly than with the previous system due to the multiple backup worksheets that may be maintained.

  • Pentium III class processor or higher
  • 800 MHz or faster
  • 64 Mb of RAM minimum
  • Screen resolution SVGA (1024x768) or higher
  • At least 100 Mb of hard drive space
  • Win XP , Vista, Win 7, or Win 8 (Win 10 not currently texted).
  • One internal RS-232 serial COM port or compatible USB-to-serial adaptor


The Series 2600 has always been the world’s most flexible mercury analysis system, allowing users to tailor the analytical sequence to any special application. The Event Table File (ETF) allows users to specify the timing of the series of actions used to analyze each sample. The new ETF editor makes this even easier. The new timeline display shows the start time, duration, and end time of all analytical events within a sample sequence.

Users can copy their existing customized ETF files into their new Rev 2.0 methods and run them unchanged.


Tek-MDS-2 handles all standard calibration methods, including calibration factors (unweighted regression) automatically. System response to an out-of-tolerance calibration can be specified by the user. (e.g. The system can either Halt or Continue operations.)


Tek-MDS-2 provides unparalleled analytical flexibility. It can display peaks in real time as well as allowing manual reintegration of peaks. (Manual adjustment triggers data flagging.) Peaks from multiple runs can also be displayed simultaneously.

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