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Teledyne RDI’s new Q-View QA/QC software bridges the gap between the requirement for high-quality field measurements and the time-intensive analysis that is typically required to ensure that collected data meets an organization’s unique quality criteria.

tilizing customizable and flexible quality rules, Q-View can provide users with real-time feedback during ADCP data collection, or can be implemented back in the lab during data review and analysis.

With its comprehensive, automatically-generated professional reports, Q-View provides you with the information you need to efficiently and consistently make the right decisions based on your collected data.

  • Instant data qualification for the field user, saving you valuable time while ensuring that you’ve collected the data set you need.
  • Speedy processing, allowing you to create multiple data sets in a fraction of the time.
  • Automatic high-quality report generation, giving you the ability to create professional reports in record time.
  • Fully customizable and flexible quality rules, ensuring that your collected data meet your unique field requirements.
  • Seamless, user-friendly integration with WinRiver II, eliminating the need to learn a new software platform.


Ensure proper system set up:

  • Check that ADCP tests are run and pass
  • Check for the quality of the compass calibration
  • Evaluate the Moving Bed Test
  • Suggest potential adjustments to the measurement to compensate for magnetic distortions or moving bed phenomenon


Access critical QA data during operation:
The Q-View pop-up information is updated in real-time as the data is collected in WinRiver II and is visible to the Field Hydrologist/Technician (FHT) throughout the entire measurement process.

Q-View checks quality parameters, including:

  • Vessel velocity
  • Lost/missing data
  • Other parameters as specified in the rules file


View quality assurance indicators after each transect:
Q-View pop-up information is updated at the end of each transect and correlated against the other transects across the river, against prior measurements, and the stage-discharge rating.

Quality parameters include:

  • Correlation/error bands of the transects of the current measurement
  • Correlation with prior measurements
  • Correlation with rating
  • Other parameters as specified in the rules file.


Deliver professional-grade reports:
Report quality parameters include:

  • QA data for each transect
  • Measurement-to-measurement correlation
  • Comparison against historical data/rating (stage-discharge chart)
  • Comparison of transect to transect variation and left to right vs. right to left transects
  • Discharge sensitivity analysis


Conduct discharge sensitivity analysis:
Unique analysis automatically evaluates the relationship between depth and discharge and recommends the top and bottom discharge extrapolation methods and exponent that best fits your measurement data, including:

  • Summary of extrapolation methods used and recommended
  • Sensitivity analysis showing projected impact of various extrapolation methods on computed discharge
  • Graphical display of normalized Discharge vs Depth data for visualization of the profile
    • Individual ensemble/bin values
    • Average profile values vs depth
    • Fitted extrapolation curve


Customize QA/QC parameters to match your organization’s unique needs:

Fully adaptable rules administration modules are available for organizations to customize their QA/QC parameters for all three critical portions of the Q-View reporting methodology: procedure, transect, and measurement.

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