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TerraIndex is our primary product and it is a well known concept in the Dutch “subsurface world”. It is the solution for the collecting, analyzing. managing and comminicating of information in the entire chain of soil an environmental investigations. TerraIndex is the link between consultancy firms, fieldwork offices, laboratories and clients.


Below is an overview of the different research types:

  • environmental soil research
  • earth moving (batch surveys)
  • asbestos in soil
  • (ground)water sampling
  • water bottom research
  • geotechnical boring
  • storage and management of sounding data

Support for main processes

TerraIndex supports the following main processes:

  • Bore plan: research can be prepared simply in TerraIndex by making a bore/sample plan.
  • Field work: collecting field observations, including recording samples using barcodes.
  • Lab communication: making and sending lab assignments and importing analysis results automatically. TerraIndex can connect to any lab and is already connected to the major labs.
  • Testing: analysis results can be tested simply with various standard tests, but also against  self-defined norms.
  • Reporting: all data can be presented in reports. TerraIndex has various templates, but reports can also be generated in your own proprietary style. In addition to reports in the form of text and tables, TerraIndex also offers possibilities for making maps (with either balls or flags as indicators).

Functional advantages

In addition to saving time and preventing errors, TerraIndex also has the following advantages:

  • TerraIndex is multilingual. You can make field observations in your own language. You can report in the language you choose (English, French, Danish, Spanish or Dutch).
  • TerraIndex communicates with all labs in the same way as it communicates with you (it has the same interface).
  • You don't have to retype data any more. Field data is immediately and digitally saved in the field. Lab communications are 100% digital.
  • In the field, TerraIndex makes use of handheld computers and tablets that can take a knock, are suitable for working with in freezing conditions and which are also effective in sunlight.
  • TerraIndex is an all-in-one solution. All work processes can be carried out using the one system.
  • TerraIndex runs via a central data centre. We take care of maintenance, updates and backup data.
  • TerraIndex can easily connect with other systems such as ArcGIS, MS Access, MS Word and MS Excel using web services. This makes it possible to directly access data as saved in the TerraIndex database. The map functionality of TerraIndex can easily display data from external sources, such as topographic and thematic maps.

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