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Test Laboratory Management System


Originally developed and implemented with a leading global engine manufacturer as a productivity tool, TLS (Test Lab System) is now used industrywide. TLS integrates seamlessly with CADET V14 to enhance efficiency and capability by providing a complete solution for configuring and running tests, performing pre and post test data entry, automatically performing emissions calculations according to the regulatory standards, report generation and much more. TLS is an innovative software solution developed for test engineers to support and manage engine, vehicle and component testing operations. The versatility of the TLS architecture and its data management structure allows prescribed regulatory tests and custom procedural or manual style testing to be accomplished within a single working environment.

  • Have a centralized repository that stores ALL test and configuration data
  • Create and schedule test activities
  • Remote/local operation of the testing process at test cell Automation System host
  • Input test data into and extract/archive from the test cell Automation System host
  • Execute regulatory emissions calculations and perform test cycle validation
  • Generate custom test reports

  • Developed for both engine and vehicle test applications 
  • Speeds production of data results and reduces development time
  • Client server architecture allows sharing of data within the organization
  • Extensive library of global emissions regulations and calculation drivers
  • Fully configurable to suit organizational requirements
  • Extensive full-traceability calibration files
  • Excel based report generation using pre-prepared templates and layouts
  • Supports automatic operation

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