Hydro System Treatment (HST) S.r.l

Test Room


The innovation and the technological development of these latest years have conducted HST to obtain a uniform re- search for an absolute guarantee of the quality of all the items produced. Thanks both to technology and to experience, the technical department has elaborated a new test room that assure a constant check of the quality according to fixed parameters and a guarantee for the development and the research of new developing items. Daily some tanks, collected directly from the production, are subjected to watertight and resistance tests using water hammer and/or filling. There are stages completely dedicated to the research and to the design of new products.

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To- day the main aim of HST is to achieve an excellent level of quality and an optimization of the productive process in order to obtain a constant improvement even considering the market’s competitiveness. HST has of course obtained some food suitability certificates from Italian and European institutes. Besides, it is able to offer to its customers, by request, a technical summary card which refers to the tests executed by HST technical department. This card is explanatory of all parameters of comparison for a technical evaluation of the results obtained from the tested tanks.

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