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The Intelex Platform



The Intelex Platform is the backbone of the entire Intelex system and the foundation for all Intelex applications. This powerful, centralized, web-based platform provides the core functionality for all components of the Intelex system.

Dashboards and Scorecards

  • Produce reports on any aspect of your management systems and schedule, track, and report on progress with real-time quantitative data.
  • Ensure clear companywide communications on goals, achievements and improvement opportunities with complete data transparency.
  • View data at individual business units, or roll up the data to a corporate and divisional level for a wider perspective.

Task Management and Escalating Email Notifications

  • View activities sorted according to target date, person responsible, department or location.
  • Ensure nothing slips through the cracks with escalating email notifications that alert employees of overdue tasks and ascend the chain of command if requirements are not met.
  • Schedule email notifications in advance or configure alerts to be triggered as activities are completed or remain incomplete.

Configurable Forms and Workflow

  • Use configurable web forms, workflows, email notifications and reporting capabilities to capture critical data and replace paper- and spreadsheet-based processes.
  • Modify applications according to evolving business needs by granting users full access to configure and improve forms and workflow in real-time.
  • Minimize duplication of effort and eliminate silos of data while retaining the ability to implement changes within a centralized location.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

  • Gain insights into corporate performance by generating instant, automatic, boardroom-quality reports.
  • Use an array of preformatted reports or generate unlimited configurable reports to address company-specific needs.
  • Generate reports demonstrating regulatory compliance as well as conformance to EHSQ and business management standards.

Location Hierarchy and Role-Based Security

  • Filter data according to location and region, or across the entire organization.
  • Restrict access to data at by location, by region, or companywide, based on a user's role within your corporate hierarchy.
  • Specify what type of access (e.g. read-only, full access) each user has for each module with custom security groups.

  • Web-based interface: Securely access the system from any location with an Internet connection and use familiar web browsing conventions for smooth, intuitive navigation.
  • Custom Toolbars: Create toolbars unique to each user and workgroup for smooth navigation.
  • Site Map: Gain an at-a-glance, 360-degree view of all system applications, seamlessly navigate to individual applications, and instantly assess the status of all companywide processes.
  • Home Pages: Quickly navigate to relevant applications through user-specific, configurable homepages.
  • Custom datasets: Generate unique collections of data according to your needs for rollup into dashboards, scorecards and reports.
  • Message Center/Record Collaboration: Allow users to collaborate on projects and documents and engage in discussions remotely.
  • Intelex-Exchange: Our online community portal connects clients and provides real-time tech support and a vast library of documentation, support materials and learning tools.
  • Multilingual support: Our Translation Workbench translates any module, form or other content into a desired language.
  • System Integration: Seamlessly import all legacy system data and use our open API to easily integrate Intelex with existing ERP and other management systems (e.g. SAP, PeopleSoft).

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