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Businesses and organizations continually search for ways to reduce costs, increase service and remain competitive. Those organizations performing laboratory analysis and/or QA testing, either in the field or simply away from computer access will benefit from the improved data quality, elimination of paper forms, and rapid logging of sample data that comes with the use of ATL's iMobile application for our TITAN solutions. iMobile is a web application that leverages Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G technology to facilitate real-time collection and delivery of test data back to the LIMS.


TITAN iMobile is a cutting-edge tool that allows users in the field to upload testing site data in real-time, eliminating the need to manually re-enter documents and field measurements or return hard copies to the laboratory. iMobile runs on any qualified mobile device* with a web browser and internet connection, and integrates seamlessly with TITAN ERP software.

Data from the field ~ including electronic chain of custody, collector information, date and time stamps, location information, GIS coordinates, test results, notes, and more ~ is encrypted and transmitted securely to the laboratory where it assimilates effortlessly into the LIMS.

  • Conduct sample login at the point of activity
  • Collect, access and evaluate critical information instantly
  • Generate an electronic chain of custody
  • Automatically Log GIS coordinates
  • Document images

Many of the default features in the ATL iMobile Application are user-configurable. This allows the customer to configure the application to meet organizational needs and facilitate rapid turn-around of results for clients.

Like any business, laboratories must continually find ways to reduce costs, increase service, and remain competitive in every way. TITAN iMobile provides rapid return on investment by reducing the time for data to be returned to the laboratory, improving data quality, and eliminating the need for paper forms, all of which translate to time and cost savings.


Mobile computing for field data affords business to be conducted at a point of activity. The ability to quickly and accurately collect, access and evaluate critical water quality information means more proficient decision making, resulting in operational efficiency.


Mobile computing increases individual productivity by reducing the amount of administrative work required to manually copy field data from paper forms into the LIMS. This translates to accelerated information transfer, minimal transcription errors, and much more — all of which translates into higher efficiency, lower costs and enhanced data quality.


The success of a business can often be measured by its ability to satisfy customers. iMobile affords field workers the ability to manage data with more proficiency, as well as to respond to issues with more agility. This results in happy customers, which results in lasting relationships.

  • Collectors can easily organize the workplan, run analysis, capture field data, and instantly transmit with comments back to the laboratory
  • Field data collectors can easily retrieve pre-logins from the LIMS, along with all associated project information and notes
  • Capture what matters:
    • Priority
    • Date
    • Time
    • GIS Coordinates
    • Site pictures
    • Electronic chain of custody
  • Proprietary functionality affords the ability to respond immediately in the field to customer complaints
  • And much more!

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