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TMS Solutions, Ltd.

- Waste Disposal Module


Keep up with the trucks who show up every 17 seconds by cutting the time it takes to create a ticket. Set up default site pricing and customer pricing by each of your sites. Bill the hauler, the waste generator or the delivery site for the waste. Cut the delinquent customer off at the scale. Control when a waste type can be brought in. Know who to call when the load does not appear to match the permit, with information that's always available on the system. The system can know who the customer is before the truck gets on the scale. Save your operator from putting the same information into the system over and over for town trash trucks; with our system you enter just the truck numbers.

Treat your two scales as tare or gross scales at any time. Receive a summary report on the material brought to your transfer station several times a day, AND receive a summary report showing the waste taken out of the transfer station just as often, AND continue to post tickets while they are running; we can do that and your entire system will still run smooth as silk.

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