A dynamic and purpose-built solution, TMSALogix enables shipping companies to optimize business practices, increase charter revenue while improving compliance and conformance with key regulations and commercial guidelines.

The system was developed to work seamlessly with your existing management system. It supports all aspects of TMSA, ISM and ISO policies and procedures with the checklists, forms and reports needed to meet these requirements. This information is provided with clear explanations, to ensure that tasks are completed accurately and consistently. Additionally, TMSALogixTM tools streamline task management, evaluations and assessments, and to improve workflow processes, reporting and documentation.

Effective for managing fleets, as well as single vessels, TMSALogixTM includes role-based access, real-time data updates, and relevant key performance indicators used in TMSA and SIRE audits. By granting limited access to operational data within the system, it is possiblke for oil majors, ISM, and ISO auditors to use the system for auditing and vetting. In addition to using the workflow and reports to identify and improve TMSA score ratings and charter business, clients have found it effective for ISM vetting.

TMSALogix also integrates with market leading Planned Maintenance Systems to ensure fleetwide visibility for the critical management and operational key performance indicators.

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