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CSM is a sustainability reporting software focusing on auditable data gathering as well as reporting and comprehensive data analysis. CSM supports standard carbon footprinting and GRI reporting in addition to advanced normalized benchmarking and targeting functionalities.

Tofuture-CSM (Corporate Sustainability Management) has been developed for sustainability data collecting, analysis and reporting including both non-financial and financial information. CSM covers all GRI indicators, it supports UNGC, the GHG Protocol and several other sustainability related standards, recommendations and regulations. CSM allows choosing key performance indicators from the GRI index or creating company specific indicators when needed. We have a close link to the economic, environmental and social topics in a sustainability report.

CSM helps in defining processes for sustainability management and reporting according to relevant standards and in implementing those processes in practice. Our understanding of the reporting is for both internal and external needs – from monthly focus on energy management to the annual sustainability reporting.

Strategic and operational indicators are selected based on materiality analysis to secure that they are relevant for the company and to its stakeholders.

After the definition of the important topics and relevant KPI’s, the process will be determined for measurement, data collecting, analysis, consolidation and reporting. CSM helps in this process by organizing the data and also storing the definitions and information for the process itself. All the KPI’s, targets, data collecting and analysis become a part of the CSM solution.

If you cannot measure it – You cannot manage it!

CSM supports the sustainability accounting and reporting process and enables a standard based, auditable and controlled process.

  • CSM content  is GRI certified and contains all GRI G4 indicators predefined. Customers can easily modify the predefined content as well as create own company specific indicators
  • CSM collects all relevant indicator data, calculates and compiles it to required reporting format such as GRI, GHG Protocol and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) ensuring standard based calculations and full transparency to own performance
  • CSM facilitates controlled and auditable data management process, audit trail and workflow similar to Financial Accounting Systems ensuring data quality and completeness based on reporting principles
  • CSM reporting tools allows the administrator to configure the required sustainability report formats easily and distribute them to the relevant users efficiently


CSM has multiple tools for supporting the local or corporate wide sustainability performance management efforts and linkage to financial performance

  • CSM enables the efficient definition and tracking of monthly and quarterly KPI’s, fully configurable by the admin
  • CSM has Multiple Analysis Hierarchies, where different representations of the company can be used for analysis and benchmarks
  • CSM Target Setting to all indicators. Targets can be easily rolled out and results communicated to users with MyReports
  • CSM MyReports for pushing and sharing the relevant information to users dashdoards
  • CSM Ready performance and risk management reports include H&S management and Incident tracking, Liabilities and Compliance reports,  Energy-, Water- and Material efficiency management.
  • CSM Performance Index allows companies to create internal performance indexes and link sustainability performance to overall performance evaluation and incentives programs.


CSM supports the GHG accounting and inventory creation and calculation based on WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol.

  • CSM GHG accounting and inventory is based on WBCSD GHG Protocol definitions and supports all three Emission Scopes (SCOPE 1, 2 and 3)
  • CSM supports the GRI G4 guidelines by allowing unlimited configuration of value chain boundaries
  • CSM has default and modifiable calculation rules and standard conversion factors based on the GHG Protocol
  • CSM allows the monitoring of different GHG reduction initiatives, the emissions savings as well as the profitability of such projects
  • CSM facilitates the creation of dynamic carbon footprinting for different processes and products by assigning emissions separately to processes and products. Read how the Finnish postal services are using the carbon footprinting in the case study from – Itella
  • CSM is a web based SaaS solution supporting easy data gathering for Scope 3 emissions from the supply chain using secure web based forms

CSM is the link between sustainability management and shareholder value. That means creating value for the company and, at the same time, taking care of the sustainability compliance.

Benefits of the CSM solution

  • CSM supports other management information systems and secures the performance of the sustainability activities in the company. Reporting and management is similar to the financial management process and will be done monthly or quarterly depending on how to measure the KPI’s.
  • CSM delivers all the information for reporting in an analytic way. In addition to the annual sustainability reporting there are several other regular or ad hoc reporting needs which can be managed based on the same information.
  • CSM improves good governance by providing accurate and reliable information for financial and non-financial development to the management. Controlled processes for data collecting and analysis secure better data quality also from the supply chain.
  • CSM improves strategic risk management by allowing the company to have an overview of its operational performance. Possible differences to norms and targets will be found and corrections can be made before major problems occur.
  • CSM has been configured to meet the content and processes according to various standards like GRI, UNGC, ISO 14000/26000 and the GHG-Protocol.
  • CSM is the working tool for the Sustainability Manager who is responsible for the process, the reports and the information. The sustainability management system converts company strategy and policies into actions.

CSM Technology

  • CSM is a web-based software solution using Java EE technology enabling high flexibility, standard methods of development and customizing the software for customer needs. CSM is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) and there are no specific IT-infrastructure requirements for the clients.
  • CSM as SaaS enables fast and cost efficient implementation. CSM is scalable through modules and is easy to expand according to the customers’ future needs.

Fast, efficient and comprehensive implementation process
CSM SaaS is fully user configurable and can be taken into use in a matter of days with it’s standard content.  Tofuture’s experienced implementation consultant team can help with best practice examples creating the most efficient data gathering and reporting process as well as related documentation.

Standard Implementation Services

  • CSM Start up -  Tofuture activates the CSM for use and trains the customer CSM Champions. Customer is able to configure the system or use Tofuture Kick Start services for best practise process creation and documentation.
  • CSM Kick Start - Tofuture assists in implementing the clients current sustainability data management and reporting processes and documenting the organisation and roles and responsibilities, indicators and calculation rules etc.
  • Add on services - Tofuture experts with it’s Partners can assist in various sustainability management challenges such as  defining the Material Sustainability Topics and related Indicator and KPI definitions, Best Practise Data Gathering processes and Integrations to other corporate systems.

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