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- Version DAS2000 - User Configurable CEMS Data Acquisition Software


Our DAS 2000 monitoring and reporting software is the direct result of over 14 years of applied knowledge, expertise, and experience. Knowledgeable CEM experts look upon DAS 2000 as the most reliable and easy to use CEMs software in the industry. Plant personnel need not spend countless hours trying to “figure out” how to work with or optimize DAS 2000.  Nor is time wasted on endless attempts to access and review data.  And no time is spent by plant personnel in making sure DAS 2000 complies. Due to the ease of use of DAS 2000, operators and engineers quickly master the intuitive lay out of the data and system set up.  And combined with the automated data handling routines it means more time for plant personnel to focus on other tasks at the plant.

Ease of Use
Developed using Microsoft products, it becomes immediately apparent to the CEMs expert and beginner alike that DAS 2000 clearly lays out the data and its structure in an easy to understand and work with fashion.  With minimal training users become proficient that adds up to reducing time in working with your CEM system and data.

Fully Compliant with Local, State and Federal Requirements
DAS 2000 is used all over the U.S and other parts of the world in scores of different regulatory jurisdictions.  Meeting such varied State and Local requirements as PADEP Rev 8 reporting and SCAQMD, DAS 2000 is also fully compliant with the applicable Federal CEM data handling requirements such as 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart Db, Subpart O, 503 and 40 CFR Part 75 (ECMPS XML format).

Network Ready With Interchange to Plant SCADA, DCS, OPC and OSI PI
DAS 2000 was developed to enable you to use it as a stand alone, single station or as part of a larger network of data monitoring and reporting stations.  Over your LAN or WAN, you may have any number of PC stations running DAS 2000 and simultaneously accessing and working with the data.  Functionality at the various stations can be limited by your choice based on the user needs.  Examples include Operator and Maintenance stations, EH&S station, Manager’s Station, etc.

At many of our installations, DAS 2000 shares information with the plant SCADA and DCS systems as well as with plant historians such as OSI PI.  We have fully implemented the OPC standard to ensure that we can talk to a nearly limitless number of devices.  This ensures a seamless flow of information across systems to maximize your ability to work with all of your plant’s data.

Communicates With Multiple CEM Controllers
DAS 2000 has no practical limitation to the number and types of CEM controllers it communicates with.  And although the Trace controller of preference is the Allen Bradley Logix family of PLC’s, DAS 2000 also communicates with GE, Siemens, Modicon and other PLC types along with ESC and H2NS data loggers.  This ensures that you can use the controller of your choice and still be able to use the best in class DAS package, DAS 2000.

Retro-Fit Ready!
We have deployed DAS 2000 in scores of plants to replace an existing DAS package.  This means you may keep your CEM intact and simply install DAS 2000 in place of a deficient or non-compliant DAS.  Because DAS 2000 can communicate with so many different types of CEM controllers, DAS replacement projects are quick and trouble-free and the results are guaranteed to be compliant and application specific.

And because Trace is a full service CEM provider and support company, we are ideally suited to deploy our DAS 2000 and deal with the many technical issues of interfacing to existing CEM systems.

User Configurable-Why Be Tethered To Your DAS Supplier
DAS 2000 is the only user configurable CEMs software in the industry.  This means that you may modify the look and lay-out of screens, add inputs, change or add alarm settings and interlocks, and add or modify report types.  With the proper password level (there are four levels of password to ensure security) you will have the keys to drive the bus if you so wish.  This can save thousands of dollars and a great deal of time.  Trace believes in the ability of our clients and we empower you to take as much ownership of the DAS as you wish to.

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