Track and Manage Road Information Module



The Road Module is an add on to PhoenixPRO and is an intuitive system designed to track road, bridge and culvert inspections for auditing purposes.  The Road Module lets you maintain important information about a road's location, permits, deactivations, as well as information used for Higher Level Plans.  It helps managers to plan and carry out maintenance, construction and inspection activities including tracking costs.  It captures data required for government reporting. The Road Module provides an efficient means of tracking all road data and maintenance; as with PhoenixPRO, you are equipped with an intuitive reporting tool and a gallery of standard reports that you may filter or modify to suit your needs.

  • Quick inspections - maintenance locations, problems and remedial action.
  • Detailed inspections - additional data for costs, responsibility, and dates.
  • Report outstanding/overdue repairs.
  • Plan future inspections.
  • Maintenance activities (issues discovered and their resolution).
  • Deactivation status and activities.
  • Construction activities.
  • User defined information (e.g. grass seeding, risk rating, etc.). 
  • Bridge and Culvert Inspection information.

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