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- Version PIPEFAB 2.9 - Efficient Workflow Management for the Pipeshop


Designed as client-server-system, our PIPEFAB software pack is a comprehensive business solution for planning and organizing efficient production processes and workflow for the piping industry. It primarily serves customers in the shipbuilding and offshore industry as well as in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plant construction, power plant construction and industrial piping sectors.

In its entirety PIPEFAB is able to support and to manage the whole lifecycle of pipes and pipe systems, starting from engineering and design over procurement, production and assembly up to implementation, operation and maintenance. Thus all singular links of the 'digital chain of piping' are systematically integrated. Because most companies do not require the complete range of features, the PIPEFAB software is scalable and composed of singular modules. In this way the software pack is able to specifically meet any individual requirements.

Pipe isometrics, which are the basis for production, can either be entered directly via the ISOINPUT software module or be generated by data takeover from various CAD or 3D pipe measuring systems. PIPEFAB evaluates these isometric data, performs the complete calculation of the piping geometry and supplies all data required for pipe production in form of lists and files.

In combination with ERP/MRP systems, PDM systems and accountancy systems, all data and isometrics necessary for carrying out the project and its control are produced, working packs are created, production times and costs are determined, additional material is calculated and work schedules are set up.

All the features and modules of the PIPEFAB product family are interoperable to each other and make up the base for a totally integrated system solution. Flexible use of these easy-to-handle and practice-oriented application solutions will inevitabely lead to remarkable reduction of work and time expenditure in pipe production, which permits significant cost savings to be made.

  • Data processing starts early in the pipe working process and integrates all working steps,
  • Significant time savings when drawing up isometrics,
  • Automatic generation of all production documents,
  • Minimization of the pipe material requirements due to cut optimization,
  • Minimization of processing times in the pipeshop,
  • Calculation of processing times and costs as well as machine utilizations,
  • Defect prevention due to visual bending simulation with automatic collision checking,
  • Quality management support,
  • Complete documentation of all pipes in the production process.

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