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Global Transportation Network Optimization and Simulation for Continuous Improvement. LLamasoft Transportation Guru is the only application that gives supply chain designers the tools to integrate network design and transportation routing. Designers can model entire supply chain networks, incorporating alternate transportation options and key variables such as cost, time, capacity and delivery parameters.

By designing with these integrated technologies, users are able to:

  • Challenge legacy transportation networks
  • Determine lowest overall landed cost
  • Identify optimal mode mix
  • Measure all constraints for most efficient routings
  • Identify efficient multi-stop vehicle routes while optimizing fleet size
  • Create multi-stop routes that include pick-ups and deliveries interleaved throughout route to minimize costs
  • Identify efficient schedules while balancing shipments across time periods
  • Simulate near-term cost and service improvements to existing transportation operations

Transportation Guru includes a wide range of analysis techniques, enabling users to identify optimal DC-to-customer assignments, determine the ideal mode mix, create optimal multi-stop delivery or pick-up routes and leverage continuous moves technology for backhaul optimization. LLamasoft transportation network design can also help companies determine the best utilization of assets, evaluate driver work schedules and even perform service-based greenfield analysis.

Because it shares the same user-friendly interface and data structure as LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru, Transportation Guru makes modeling “what if” scenarios easy and fast and enables companies to view and analyze results through detailed maps, reports and Gantt charts.

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