NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre)

Tremcards And ADR 2009


NCEC supplied its Cefic Tremcards product to help companies transporting hazardous products to meet the requirements of ADR regulation 5.4.3. This defines the instructions in writing that must be carried by the driver, to provide advice in the event of an accident during their journey.

The 2009 revision of ADR introduced a big change to the instructions in writing, both in terms of the content and who is responsible for supplying them.

Key changes can be summarised as:

  • From 1 July 2009 the new instructions in writing must be carried when hazardous goods are transported by road
  • There is now one set of instructions to cover all dangerous goods
  • The complete instructions in writing text is available to download online free of charge and is also included in the ADR 2009 text
  • The driver / haulier is now responsible for providing the instructions in writing
  • The instructions are now only required in a language that the vehicle crew can understand

How do I access the new instructions in writing?

The new instructions in writing are included in the 2009 revision of ADR. The contracting countries to ADR agreed to post translations of the new instruction to the UNECE website where they can be downloaded free of charge.

What happens if a courier / haulier insists on being provided with a Cefic Tremcard?

We have been made aware that some couriers and haulage companies will not accept a consignment of dangerous goods unless they are provided with a Cefic Tremcard, despite the changes to the legislation.

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