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TRESTIMA Stack is a tool for measuring the volume of a log stack from images taken using a smartphone or a tablet device.

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Usage of TRESTIMA Stack is easy - just follow the four step process:

  1. Capture an image of the log stack. TRESTIMA Yardstick needs to be visible in the picture
  2. Input the outer boundary of the log stack. This is to indicate the area where log heads are searched.
  3. Indicate the end points of the yardstick.
  4. Type in the average length of the logs in the stack.

Log piles that don't fit into one picture are simply measured with several shots. Not all of the log heads need to be recognized as the system uses stacks surface area, log length and an automatically generated coefficient factor when determining the actual volume of the pile.

Detailed results are available in mobile and cloud:
  • Total volume of the stack - Depending on the pile, productivity can be as high as 100m3 per minute.
  • Diameter distribution - The system shows how many logs of certain diameter there are in the pile
  • Total amount of logs - System calculates the amount of logs in the pile.
  • Coefficient factor - Coefficient factor (CF) is automatically calculated from several variables. User can also set the CF manually as well as choose to reduce bark from the results.
  • Pile dimensions - Each picture can be inspected separately to determine height and width of the pile in different locations.
  • GEO-tagged pictures - Every picture is stored with a location and orientation information making it easy to map and trace results with the actual pile.

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