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Truck– Basic



This license is a key aspect for any camera operator (CCTV, Zoom Camera, 3D / Panoramo(1), CUES DUC HD). It allows you to create or to choose a sewer pipe, manholes, laterals and to produce videos in several kinds of formats and resolutions.

  • Multistandard (PACP - MACP - LACP - WRC - CERIU - ASCE or personalize norm)
  • Allows you to import and export different data formats or parameters (configured internally or provided by the customer)
  • Allows you to create new assets (pipes, manholes or lateral)
  • Allows you to take videos in multiple formats and resolutions
  • Allows you to export videos thanks to a quick and easy synchronization
  • Adapted to numerous types of cameras
  • (ARIES, CUES, Envirosight, IBAK, CTZoom, RS Tech Serv and others)

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