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- Service Performance Management Dashboards


Service performance dashboards from Tutela provide greater insight into key performance indicators of the overall monitoring installation. With Tutela’s dashboard software, dashboards are customised for each organisation taking into account scientific function, data sources, organisational structure, and any compliance and/or protection goals.

Historical data from each wireless sensor probe in the system is consolidated over time into a simple to understand, and useable presentation for management and technical needs.

The Service Performance Dashboards become an powerful management tool, detailing alarm trends by location, even appliance or by equipment manufacturer. Operator response times are trended, again at every level, to monitor remedial performance on-site once alarms have been triggered by the system and notified by the Tutela response team.

The management dashboards collate key data from the system, however configured; monitoring rooms, departments, multiple departments, whole buildings and facilities even across different geographical locations.

Bespoke Design and Functionality

Being web-based, dashboards can be skinned by Tutela's in-house development team to meet exacting client needs (and brand guidelines).  Tutela System Performance Dashboards are almost infinitely flexible and can be configured to meet the needs of senior management as well as technical and compliance specialists.  

But the real beauty of the Tutela System is that, by using web-based cloud technology, the system performance dashboards are securely accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world on any device able to support a web-browser.

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