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UKBuildings from The GeoInformation Group provides, for the first time, a stack of information dedicated to helping you understand more about the buildings in which your customers live, work and play. Core information about each property is supplemented with additional environmental features to give you a comprehensive picture of properties throughout the UK. With more than 14.3 million properties classified UKBuildings offers you a unique insight into our building population.

  • Search for properties of a particular type or age
  • Select non-residential buildings of a particular use, type and age
  • Identify those which are mixed-use and residential only
  • Search by address or by location
  • Select buildings based on their height or number of floors (non-residential only)
  • Extract floor area measurements for your own analysis

  • Single, unified database for property information
  • Easy and low cost access to detailed building footprints and floor area data
  • Low integration costs - data provided in standard database and mapping formats
  • Access to unique and accurate residential and non-residential data
  • Quality codes for confident modelling
  • Provides pre-populated forms to reduce customer form filling
  • Reduce risk and improve pricing models through detailed and reliable information
  • Enhance assessment of risk, valuations for residential and non-residential properties.
  • Gain competitive intelligence
  • Annual updates

The building outlines and property splits are digitised at 1;1,000 scale to give an accuracy of +/-3m RMSE.

Building height data precision is 0.1 metre. Height values are accurate to 1.5m to 2.3m vertical accuracy at 1 standard deviation (68% confidence limit).

Building age and type classification is at 90%+ accuracy levels (for 68% confidence limits).

UKBuildings provides the location and the building outline for every building in the UK.

We have a highly detailed property footprint along with the property height for 538 towns and cities - that includes over 65% of the UK population.

  • Detailed floor areas
  • Property heights
  • Building locations

UKBuildings provides the ideal database for:

  • Property valuation modelling
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Utility pipe replacement
  • Property intelligence
  • Green deal planning
  • Location mapping
  • Master planning
  • Risk assessment
  • 3D modelling

Data is continually being added to the core database along with updates and improvements to each of the core data items.

The GB address list contains approximately 25 million entries.

Here is the current coverage (addresses in millions, approximate):

  • Building footprint and area: 25
  • Height: 17
  • Residential classification: 15
  • Non-residential classification: 4
  • Land use: 25

This demonstrator, for the centre of Kingston upon Hull, shows the many layers of data available within UKBuildings.

  • The building footprints are blue outlines and colour-coded to show the total number of addresses within each building block; an accumulation value.
  • Non-residential buildings are shown in multi-coloured dots
  • Residential buildings in yellow dots
  • Companies House data has been added in large green dots
  • We also show how these data can interact with third party data, here Environment Agency flood data.
  • The base mapping is from OpenStreetmap via Mapbox.

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