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A bespoke mapping service using high resolution aerial imagery and ground-based field surveys to deliver the highest quality mapping and information solutions. Designed to customer requirements and delivered using our in-house specialised skills and experienced staff. Our specialist teams, that collect the accurate and rich data that feeds our core mapping products, are also available to collect bespoke data for your project.

Our teams are able to deliver:

  • Detailed asset mapping projects

  • Site mapping

  • Large area aerial surveys (including NIR and Thermal imagery)

  • UAV small area surveys

  • Feature data collection

Created using:

  • High resolution aerial imagery

  • UKMap base and style

  • UKSurvey data collection

Our highly skilled data team has undertaken detailed asset mapping programmes for a number of housing associations.

Whether the features are internal ones or external our team is able to collect their location against a base map and provide this in an easy to use, geographically accurate, mapping database.


Opposite is one example of a single housing block showing both internal and external assets mapped against a UKMap base.  Other base mapping can be provided or existing mapping used.

Large format aerial imagery uses state of the art digital survey cameras for large city area flying. 

Data collected through this flying can be standard, full colour aerial imagery, near infrared imagery and thermal imagery


  • 5 – 12.5cm resolution, orthorectified photo databases

  • Consistent, high quality, colour imagery

  • Seamless, digital, urban and semi urban and rural coverage

  • Ordnance Survey compatible

  • Supplied in compressed format

  • Export directly to major GIS software or Microsoft Office

  • Continuous update programme


  • Map and land use verification

  • Risk evaluation

  • Environmental management

  • Infrastructure planning

  • Archaeology mapping

  • Policy planning

  • Property development

  • Asset management

  • Network planning

  • Legal and court case support

Small format aerial imagery provides unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for small projects where speed and flexibility of capture is required.


  • New and innovative system for the collection of accurate, detailed and site specific geospatial data

  • Collects detailed terrain and imagery data in a range of applications

  • The UAV is small (80 cm wing span) light (500g) and verymanoeuvrable and contains a 12 mega pixel digital camera on board GPS

  • Very accurate and detailed 4cm imagery

  • From this system a 10cm vertical accuracy DEM is automatically generated

  • It is controlled by an operator on the ground that stays within visual line of sight of the UAV which flies at a height of no more than 150m above the ground.

  • Typically up to 1 sqkm can be surveyed within one flight before relocating to another control location or site.

  • Takes approx 1 hour to survey a 1 sqkm area.

  • The data is stored on an SD card within the camera, on board the UAV and can hold approximately 4 hours worth of flying.

  • Once removed from the camera, the images are uploaded to a web server for processing and both the images and DTM are available for use within 4 days.


  • Rapid data collection without the need for long stable weather conditions

  • Flexibility to manoeuvre to areas at short notice

  • Opportunities to image at all times of the year (e.g. winter surveys, low tides)

  • Repeatability for future surveys, or in the case of data failure, in a fixed wing aircraft

  • Small area collection for areas up to 10 sqkm.

  • Useful as a possible alternative to fixed wing small areas

  • Manoeuvrable,  so you only pay for what you need mapped

  • Immediate data delivery

  • Suitable for corridor mapping or site , e.g. roads

  • Reduced risk for data collection

  • Programmable in flight offering flexibility during operating periods

Where imagery cannot provide all the data required ground-based field surveys are offered using skilled field workers to collect new ground features (such as car parking bays, street signs, parks, gardens and Housing Associations’ assets) onto existing maps.


  • Mapping ancient woodland across Wales to support government policy making

  • Identifying properties with high heat loss to help Local Authorities save lives and fuel bills.

  • Mapping properties older than 1935 to aid utility companies improve their energy supply

  • Model flood prone properties to reduce risk from surface water flooding

  • Delivering a carbon emission property database for a local authority to help reduce their carbon emissions

  • Identify and measure Greenspace to support government policy

  • Measure the change in land cover over 30 years to aid water companies improve system capacity

  • Map postcodes with high vegetation cover to reduce insurance risk

  • Create a clutter map for the UK to support mobile phone network coverage

  • Create detailed 3D city models to support property planning applications

Our strategy is based on our experienced and skilled work force that have developed a range of key geographic, urban, environmental and project management skills.

Skills set

  • Project management

  • Building type (age and use) mapping

  • Data verification

  • Carbon emission mapping

  • Data modelling

  • Habitat mapping

  • Remote sensing

  • Data capture, e.g. digitising from mapping, including modern and historical mapping, collection by automatic and semi automatic means from aerial imagery, field collection, scanning and data entry from third party sources

  • Database creation, e.g. topologically structured polygon files, text and point file databases

  • Data management, delivery of Oracle and MS SQL server databases

  • Software solution delivery, e.g. Esri, ERDAS, MapInfo and FME workflows.

  • Quality control, e.g. data consistency programmes, data validation processes

  • Post project support and training, e.g. customer training, users groups, on site presentations, awareness programmes.

Stansted Airport, one of the worlds busiest airports, needed a detailed mapping base to assist in its asset mangement programme.

The GeoInformation Group supplied high resolution aerial photography along with a detailed map base.

Our UKMap team created a version of our premium mapping product for Stansted Airport.

This was important to them as they needed accuracy of measurement and detail of features specific to their airport asset list.

The map opposite shows some of the output from that project.

Mapped at a 1:1,000 scale from 10cm high resolution aerial imagery.  This will be updated with new imagery.

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