- Version n-Vision - Data System for Atomic Emission Spectrometry


UniChrom n-VisiOn Data System is intended for atomic emission spectrometers designed by Joint Stock Company 'Spectroscopic Systems'. The current UniChrom n-VisiON software version is:

Main Advantages

  • EMAS-200 support.
  • Automatic detector type determination 256-2048 elements, PDA, CCD, InGaAs etc.
  • Automatic monochromator type determination.
  • Driving most monochromators developed by Solar TII -
  • MDD-500, S3804, 3821 etc.
  • Extended modes allow to get unique signal to noise ratio.
  • Program for Microsoft ® Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Windows XP.
  • Batch spectrum registration - up to 30 spectrums can be stored in device memory.
  • Wavelength scale calibration in following spectral units - nm, A, cm-1, eV, custom.
  • Kinetic measurements.
  • 3D display with axis of Time, Intensity, Wavelength.
  • Calibration for quantitative mesurements using area or amplitude of signal.
  • Relative response for calibration (use of comparation analytical lines)
  • Reports generation to Microsoft Word and Excel

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