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Dober Chemical Corp

Utility Tracking Software


The Spindle Utility module uses real-time data and Chemwatch software to help institutional and industrial companies lower utility costs throughout their facility. You’ll instantly become aware of fluctuations in consumption before they become expensive problems.

Spindle combines natural gas, water, electricity and other meter readings with parameters like weight or hours to give meaningful metrics that you can quickly act upon. Dashboards on the production floor display live data and alerts. You can also log in to Spindle’s secure extranet to monitor one or more plants and benchmark efficiencies. Reports are designed to take the science out of utilities calculations and drive action with simple, easy-to-digest information and alerts. There is a collaborative environment to proactively share and display best practices for your company and anonymously benchmark against industry leaders.

Spindle’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Analyst team investigates any deviations in your utilities weekly, and will work with your team to drive locations to best-in-class consumption. The data is always quantified using actual utility costs and is used to support equipment repair or new purchase/replacement decisions.

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