Valve Sizing Software


The SAMSON Valve Sizing Program is a software for calculating and sizing control valves. This program calculates the valve-specific data (Kvs value, required nominal valve size, etc.) for up to three cases by means of the process and medium data entered by the user. Afterwards, these data are used to determine a valve which is then suggested by the program. Finally, the sound emission and other operating data are calculated for the selected valve. The software includes many additional user-friendly functions for valve sizing.

Valve sizing calculation based on EN 60534 for all types of valves

  • Calculation for all self-operated regulators
  • Various noise prediction standards selectable (including SAMSON's own standard)
  • Calculation of positioning forces for sizing actuators
  • Reverse calculations for flow rate and pressure drop across the valve
  • Online unit conversion
  • Online language switchover
  • Data import/export (Access, Excel, DBF)
  • Clear representation of several sized valves in table form
  • Extensive online help on the software and valve sizing

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