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- Variable Rail Brake Control System



Our Variable  Rail Brake Control System VarGBS is a real time control system specialized in train formation systems for freight wagons. It finds application in the speed control and distance from the Ablaufberg to the dome-like stoppage in the direction track. VarGBS is a modular product with which the needs-based adaptation to performance and system size can be realized.

This allows a broad range of applications and functions:


  • Various mountain and valley profiles
  • Control of different types of track brakes
    • Mountain brakes and valley brakes (pre-brakes and main brake), directional track brakes, slope compensation brakes, peak protection
    • hydraulic, electrodynamic, pneumatic
  • Control of conveyor systems
  • Logistics interface to planning and scheduling systems, such as PVG, SiBaCh, HABIS and SAP
  • Option for fully automatic travel path control (with partners) or as independent brake control


  • Extended collision protection
  • Self-monitoring system
  • Operation and monitoring for different user groups, eg operator workstation and maintenance viewing station
  • Predictive, condition-based maintenance, even with mobile devices
  • Track inventory management
  • Comprehensive reporting with data collection for each process through logging, documentation and diagnostic functions
  • Provision of data on the need for repair of the wagons to derive the necessary maintenance measures
  • Remote diagnostics option via our VarRemote

VarGBS is a safe, proven and approved control system . The software development process is carried out in accordance with the software safety requirement level SIL 2 according to DIN EN 50128 (CENELEC). 

AIS is a prequalified supplier of brake and conveyor control systems at Deutsche Bahn AG.

Weather measuring sensor for

  • Wind direction and wind force
  • Surface and air temperature
  • relative humidity and precipitation intensity

Weather condition determination using weather models for

  • track condition
  • Fog, dew and hoarfrost
  • Drying, sublimation
  • icing

  • Ensuring consistently good maneuvering quality and short throughput times
  • Gentle treatment of the car
  • Optimum braking curve for less wear of the brakes
  • Systematic planning of maintenance activities
  • Reduction of downtime and marshalling errors
  • Contribution to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of rail freight transport
  • Reliability: Over 20 years experience in automation tasks of maneuvering control

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